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Evangelo Gougoutsas

Evangelo Gougoutsas

My first experience with pigeons started at 1964 at the age of 8, with Greek Doneks race that I inherited from my father and had them in my possession until 2005.

I got Racing Pigeons the year 1970. My good friend Telis Kapsalos gave me a pair of them from the breeder Stavros the Taxi Driver which I multiplied by 40-50 until 1976 which I joined Greek Army and as a result I donated some of my pigeons to my friends. In 1982 one of my best Racing Pigeons returned to my loft after 6 years and with some others that I got, “Karmen’s” pigeons, I started to take part in some races in the pigeon club 02 Kalamaria with some quite good results.

The very good results started since I got four pigeons from Germany, three Paul Sions and one Delbar in 1990. Later in the year of 1992 I also got four Hermes Raymonds and in 1994 two Jansens from the blood line 019 with peak performance the year 1996 with third place in national races (330 Members) and the second place in the Kalamarias 02 club. For the following years I gave up because of some health problems and I am now dealing with breeding only and rarely I take part in some races to keep them fit.

The last two years I take part in Greek and Bulgarian One Loft Races with some pretty good results too.